Corporate Responsibility


Quality and flexible individuals: As an employer we always strive for a premium quality of service to our customers with highly motivated employees. We monitor and evaluate performance and well being of our staff on a regular basis and encourage performance for the majority of staff on their set objectives rather than corporate aims with individual exceptional performance rewarded.

Team ethos: TCG make concerted efforts to make sure that employees are communicated to regularly and meet weekly, even if home workers. The work-place is constantly refreshed to ensure a pleasant and creative environment.

Diverse background: TCG strive where possible to mirror and employ individuals that match the society we operate in.

The Board monitors regularly Employer responsibilities including but not limited to Health and Safety; Equality and Safety.


TCG recognizes the need for Non Execs and are at present reviewing the right individuals. Monthly management accounts are independently reviewed. Year end accounts are also subject to review by Moore Stephens.

Any breach of acceptable Code of Business Conduct and Ethics can be raised directly with the CEO or CFO. This can include but not limited to Equal Opportunities, Harassment, Compliance with Laws and Regulations, Conflicts of Interest, Confidentiality, Ethical Conduct, Proper Use of Corporate Assets and Fraud.

The Board will use everything in its power to ensure the Code of Business Conduct is met.


TCG is a service driven business with a large renewal base which it continues to work in the long term interests of its client whilst providing a short term high quality service.

Our partners

The Board believes in building strategic relationships with suppliers that can lead to mutual benefit to both parties. We encourage our suppliers to be flexible in their approach in line with the contracts we have with our customers. We demand a high quality of service and benchmarked pricing.

Community initiatives

The Content Group are proud sponsors of local football club in Horsley.

Alistair Bailey commented "Horsley’s philosophy is of football for all. All the players should get a decent amount of time on the pitch."

Steve Sandle went on to say "Having taken on the role of the U13's Manager at short notice and with some trepidation, I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying it. Seeing the enthusiasm and enjoyment that the boys get out of it makes it all worthwhile. There is a great team attitude and the boys are always keen and eager to get on the pitch and play. Winning a match is always a bonus! I would like to thank The Content Group for sponsoring our team at short notice it is really appreciated – it's great for all the boys to start a season with a brand new kit and individual squad numbers wanting to be part of a Horsley team."

"The Content Group are keen to support local team sport in a competitive but enjoyable environment. I would particularly like to thank all the managers, coaches and helpers for their continued hard and voluntary efforts” replied Rob Tearle.

Charitable donations

In addition to our sponsorship The Content Group have also contributed to Comic Relief and Schools aid in Africa.