Independence charter

Our Independence Charter sets out precisely what The Content Group means (TCG) by being independent so that our clients can be confident they are receiving truly independent advice unless otherwise agreed via our terms of engagement. Our consultants all endorse this Independence Charter and all of the processes that we follow support it.

TCG tracks the entire content technology market covering those vendors that have capability in one of our core specialisms, ECM and GRC. TCG is the only content focused organisation to have a complete knowledge base of vendors and their products in this regard. This database is only available to TCG employees and clients.

Agnostic market intelligence

TCG have gathered this market intelligence since its formation in 1998 and continues to maintain its currency. This is achieved through practical engagement, market awareness, specific research and analyst relations. This knowledgebase contains purely quantative information of the makeup of each vendor and their product with the relevant areas they cover to the best of TCG’s knowledge. It is used directly by clients as a reference tool and to support TCG in consulting engagements. TCG never charge vendors for inclusion in its knowledgebase and the information we hold is never influenced if it happens to be a client or Partner.

TCG's consulting is completely agnostic from technology unless:

  1. The client mandates that consulting has to be undertaken with a particular technology in mind.

  2. The client has requested a technical services engagement around a Partner’s technology offering.

  3. The Partner has asked TCG to bid on a client project with their product which TCG will only do after qualifying that the Partner’s product has a fit to the client’s requirements.

  4. TCG are engaging as a result of a Partner specific marketing campaign for which TCG will only do after qualifying that the Partner’s product has a fit to the clients requirements.

TCG only makes recommendations of a vendor/s and its product when the client has specifically engaged TCG to do so and in such an event its rationale for any recommendation is completely transparent and made available to the client in every instance. TCG always provides objective advice which may differ from the clients own view. Before recommendations of this nature are made TCG will have always considered alternatives, comparative data and have validated its conclusions first hand with any vendor.

Identifying the best fit

In the instance of an enquiry for TCG to implement a technology solution, TCG will go through its qualification process to see which Partner product has the best fit. In this instance TCG will only provide an entire market appraisal if the client has contracted TCG to do so via its consulting services.

The definition of a Partner is either a technology or consultancy organisation that TCG has an agreement with to provide their product or service and has specialist skills in this regard.

We implement our Independence Charter in a transparent way. Clients and other parties with whom we have a relationship may seek further clarification as and when may be required.