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Cabot Financial, a market leader in consumer debt purchase in the UK has implemented an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution from The Content Group (TCG). The solution includes EMC Documentum’s document management software to enable the organisation to control, manage and process business critical information including its vast amount of customer correspondence more effectively, thereby facilitating an enhanced level of customer service.

Established in 1998, Cabot Financial buys 'overdue' debts from banks and other major lending companies across the UK. Managing over 1,700,000 accounts, it receives on average 6,000 pieces of customer correspondence per week, creating a substantial volume of time-consuming and previously administrative work.


Cabot Financial recognised the need for an automated document management system as staff resources were being stretched to the limit and customer documentation was not being dealt with efficiently enough. Since the majority of the correspondence they receive is in paper format, which takes more time to handle, it was vital to them that they found a better way of managing the information.

TCG could see the issues that Cabot Financial were facing and suggested the EMC Documentum solution as a highly efficient and cost-effective tool to help rectify them. Having reviewed EMC Documentum, Cabot Financial was again reassured that TCG as a specialist in the field of ECM is focused on its clients needs and requirements whilst considering the cost impact on the business.


With the implementation of EMC Documentum’s soluion and the ancial’s document management and processing is not only more automated and streamlined but the company is also able to recognise which documents have not been picked up, assess why and then deal with cases in a more methodical manner. This, along with integration with the organisation’s call centre application, enhances Cabot Financial’s customer service, allowing approximately 300+ call centre agents to resolve calls at first point of contact and reduce the number of customer queries.

Using the workflow tools, the solution enables staff to prioritise their workload, by automatically distributing documents to each department. The retrieval process is far quicker and this is particularly useful to staff, especially agents in the call centre, as they have information at their fingertips when handling a call. Authorised staff members have access to relevant documents as and when required.