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Hairmyres NHS Hospital Trust situated in East Kilbride and Monklands Hospital in Airdrie, Scotland, have gone live with a document automation solution from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) specialist, The Content Group (TCG). The solution, comprising Bottomline FormScape® – best-of-breed document output, storage and retrieval software - and professional services from TCG, will help automate and improve the hospital’s internal processes used for the communication and delivery of patient laboratory results.


As NHS Hospitals across the UK come under ever increasing pressure to meet new Government efficiency targets, in the face of ongoing budget cuts and a growing number of patients, there is a very real need for organisations such as Hairmyres and Monklands to consider the wider benefits of technology solutions such as document process automation.


With the new solution in place, Hairmyres and Monklands are able to automate processes to replace existing paper-based processes and documents. Intelligent data capture, processing, management and retrieval of all relevant patient information. This will provide the laboratories with improved processes and document control and enable specific departments to have much tighter control, improved efficiency and management of information throughout the department as well as controlled and secure distribution to GPs.

Tom Faichen LabCentre System Manager, Hairmyres & Monklands comments, “We had started to consider redesigning our paper patient reports and wanted to ensure that we obtained a solution that would achieve both a smooth transition between our existing processes and documentation, as well as providing us with a foundation for future improvements. At this point TCG was able to provide advice on the best course of action for our storage and retrieval processes.”

Tom Faichen continues, “The FormScape solution will mean that patient details can be presented in a simple, uniform, and streamlined fashion, making it easier to send records and details to the relevant Consultants and GPs. Other benefits will include the versatility of data capture and the reduction of paper documents”.

“TCG has provided an all round, excellent service. From the outset they demonstrated a clear understanding of our specific business drivers and requirements, and designed the solution in accordance with those needs. They provided us with four days face-to-face training to ensure that the implementation and adoption of the new technology was as smooth as possible and they maintained close contact at every stage of implementation”

Tom Faichen
LabCentre System Manager, Hairmyres NHS Hospital Trust.