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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, a business division of the Trelleborg Global Industry Group, has placed an order for BP Logix, a Process Automation Solution from The Content Group (TCG), to be implemented over the next three years. Process Automation, part of TCG’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution portfolio, will automate and map approximately thirty of Trelleborg’s day-to-day manual processes. As a result of the efficiency and resource gains this will provide, Trelleborg anticipates achieving return on investment in year one of implementing the solution.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is one of the leading global suppliers of sealing solutions for the industrial, automotive and aerospace markets, whose clients include BMW, Bosch and Rolls Royce. With a de-centralised business structure, comprising many branches and local companies worldwide, Trelleborg was finding it increasingly difficult to manage their multiplicity of manually driven processes effectively.


Diane Seymus, Project Manager of Web Services and Global IT at Trelleborg, explains “We had identified the need to automate many of our day-to-day manual processes, and had initially embarked down a route where our IT staff, spread across the business, were trying to develop web-based tools to achieve this automation. However, this became a very time and resource intensive project, so we opted to bring in a single proven solution that would enable us to combine our resource.”


Seymus continues, “We decided it would be more effective to invest in a single proven solution which could automate any functional process, ranging across the business from capital expenditure requests to quotation approvals, purchase orders and HR. This would also allow us to create a central store of up-to-date process related business content which could be instantly available to everyone who needed it on a global scale”.

The Sealing Solutions division selected the BP Logix Workflow Director from TCG, BP Logix’s European distributor. As a web-based solution, providing eForms capability through to full process automation and document management, BP Logix provides users with an easy way to initiate and manage their workflow processes and related business content. The product supports users in all stages of the content lifecycle and fulfils all of Trelleborg’s global requirements, as the business content repository capabilities of the software will, in time, allow the organisation’s 5000 users access to this information.

Trelleborg has identified thirty core day-to-day processes, of which TCG will automate and implement. TCG will also provide a full skills transfer to Trelleborg so that they will be able to manage the automation and implementation of the remaining business processes themselves, quickly and efficiently. The elimination of manual processes, such as paper form-filling and approvals, will reduce labour costs, improve operational efficiency, productivity and accuracy throughout the organisation.

TCG made a very good first impression; they were clearly able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of what we were trying to achieve as a business as well as the issues we face within our industry. Having carefully researched our technology requirements on the Web, we were sure that the BP Logix platform had the functionality and scalability we needed. TCG gave us the additional confidence that we would end up with a solution that would be tailored to meet our specific business needs and would deliver on our objectives.”

Diane Seymus
Project Manager of Web Services and Global IT, Trelleborg.