Consulting services

The Content Group has an industry leading portfolio of unique service propositions and can engage right at the outset of any content initiative from planning and requirements analysis through to strategy development and technology selection having a 360 degree view of everything content.

TCG utilises its Sphere™ best practice methodology with clients on all aspect of content majoring around ECM and IG. In addition leveraging its Cube™Cube™ technology framework TCG can technically enable its service offerings create far greater value for clients benefiting from TCG's unique Cube™ capability.

With content service offerings that have been proven time and time again to deliver value to our clients, from single department specific consulting engagements through to global content consulting initiatives, TCG can provide the right people and capabilities to meet the content challenges our clients face.

  • General content consulting

    The Content Group’s consulting capability covers every aspect of content and has a number of generic consulting solutions that span the content spectrum.

  • ECM specific consulting

    The Content Group has a number of ECM specific consulting solutions which have been developed specifically around ECM to work in tune with any ECM initiative.

  • Information governance consulting

    Information Governance is a major part of your corporate information strategy. It combines the laws, regulations, policies and standards for information with guidance for implementation of these rules.

  • 360 degree view

    The Content Group has a unique perspective of content and the lifecycle it goes through; we call this a '360 degree view' of content.

Cube ™

Cube™ is a technology framework which addresses critical aspects of the lifecycle stages that content goes through.

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We're really proud of what we have achieved for our clients, big and small.

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