KDC Streamlines Its Finance Function With The Content Group

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Contractors demolish inefficiencies with Electronic Document Management.

KDC Contractors Ltd, a division of the KDC Group specialising in demolition and construction, is rolling out the Invu S200 electronic document management software to improve the accuracy and efficiency with which invoices, statements and other financial documents are processed, saving the organisation multiple hours a week. Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM) provider, The Content Group will implement the Invu S200 software as part of an order valued in the region of £120,000.00.

KDC Contractors, whose clients include BP Chemicals and AstraZenica, provides demolition, decontamination, regeneration, building and maintenance services. The organisation has an extremely busy finance department which was finding it increasingly more challenging to deal with the massive volumes of paper in the form of invoices and statements from suppliers and customers.

By integrating the Invu S200 solution from The Content Group, with a new Oracle-based construction ERP application, called EasyBuild provided by construction software provider Saphire, KDC was able to tackle the issues identified within the organisation.

Sue Lueck, Finance Manager at KDC Contractors explains, “We realised that remaining a paper-based organisation was causing inefficiencies within the business. The manual and labour-intensive tasks created by the huge amounts of paperwork were not an effective use of time and meant we were spending huge amounts on man-hours, storage and paper. However, one of our main objectives was for the finance function to work more efficiently.”

Lueck continues, “Fast and effective document retrieval became one of our main requirements for the new software. Before the Invu solution was implemented we had to ship invoices around the country to authorise payments, and were inevitably losing several along the way. We realised that this was the root of several problems, not only did it mean our staff were forced to source duplicates of missing documents from suppliers, but it meant that we were taking an unacceptably long time to deal with customer queries.”

Explaining the way in which the division will use Invu, Lueck continues, “We assign numerical barcodes to the invoices as soon as they come into the organisation and once both the barcode number and ledger posting have been referenced, the invoice is scanned into the system. An image of the document is then generated and ready to be viewed by users in any of our offices around the UK at the push of a button. Also, as this is a fully integrated solution digital documents can be easily accessed via our EasyBuild system.”

The Content Group has already helped KDC to identify other areas within the business which could be improved by using Invu. KDC is intending to hold its ‘fact files’ within Invu in order to reduce its storage issues even further. Within Invu, documents can be held in digital format bringing additional benefits such as improving customer relations and providing a more reliable and efficient service.

Commenting on KDC Contractors’ relationship with The Content Group, Lueck concludes, “The Content Group has been extremely responsive to all our enquiries and has enabled us to achieve our goals we identified from the beginning of the selection process. New opportunities have been presented to us and we are looking to roll the system out to the HR Department to manage personnel records and timesheets. The team has excellent knowledge of the market and this has given us the confidence that The Content Group could meet our requirements.”