Sheridan Fabrications Brings In The Content Group To Remove Payment Delays From Monthly Invoicing Of Over £1/4 Million

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Sheridan Fabrications

The Content Group provides work surface manufacturer with Digital Pen and Paper technology to improve the invoice payment process.

Leading work surface and kitchen manufacturer, Sheridan Fabrications, has enlisted independent ECM technology and consultancy provider, The Content Group, to supply a Digital Pen and Paper system to speed up and strengthen the invoice payment and storage process in the next stage of the company’s technological advancement.

Established in 1996, Sheridan Fabrications, based in West Yorkshire, is the UK's largest supplier of premium work surfaces. From granite work surfaces and solid wood worktops, to man-made materials such as solid surface and quartz work surfaces, Sheridan Fabrications remains committed to providing high quality work surfaces and unrivalled customer services to the smallest and most specialist independent retail, whilst being a trusted supplier to blue chip clients.

A legitimate signed delivery note must be evidenced prior to invoicing the customer and prior to the deployment of the Digital Pen and Paper system, Sheridan Fabrications sometimes experienced a minor delay between the delivery of goods to site and the invoice being paid in full. The delivery note is initially sent back to Sheridan Fabrications after the delivery of goods, which can occasionally take time depending on the location of the delivery in relation to the office. The latest technological advancement of the paperless system enables the company to avoid any hindrance with the invoice being paid within the 30 day period as the data recorded at the time of delivery can now be transferred immediately from site to base.

Through the implementation of the Digital Pen system, the forms are now signed on site as normal, but the pen strokes are recorded by the Digital Pen and transmitted instantaneously via cellular communication to the office where the signature is replicated digitally onto an electronic copy of the form. The signed copies of the forms are then stored instantly within a fully searchable database. This ensures that not only are delivery notes securely and reliably received by the office, but because they are received mere moments after the form is signed on site, the invoicing process is able to be begun far earlier.

Graham Milnes of Sheridan Fabrications explains, "In situations where a valid delivery note could not be produced in good time, some customers refused to pay, and given that we usually cover the cost of materials prior to invoicing, this can cause severe cashflow problems, particularly if the materials in question are expensive."

Milnes concludes, "On average we complete 500 deliveries a month and with the Digital Pen and Paper technology, we are already seeing a dramatic improvement in completed delivery forms being sent into the office. With deliveries ranging between £500 and high six figure values, depending on the materials and size of the kitchen in question, it is comforting to know that we have removed the added worry of suffering delays in payment. We have been so impressed with the progress that has been made that we have already identified potential areas in the office where the technology could be used for internal paperwork."