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The Content Group is the first completely paper free organisation to have removed every trace of paper in the business, demonstrating that this is possible in today's information age.

From digital capture of finance documents through to electronic whiteboards, 'e' business cards and even self service biometric visitor check in, TCG has been a trend setter for other organisations to follow. In addition, this capability has been paramount in meeting environmental policy standards and enabling other policies such as home working.

This has been achieved through the development of TCG’s own content strategy and implementation of the enabling ECM technologies. Clients are able to visit TCG's offices and see first-hand how these technologies coupled with the right strategy have enabled such business transformation.

In fact, all of the ECM technologies that are seen below are in active use at TCG’s office working in a completely integrated fashion, a clear example of 'practicing what we preach'.

Cube ™

Cube™ is a technology framework which addresses critical aspects of the lifecycle stages that content goes through.

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Sphere ™

Sphere™ is the best practice content methodology pioneered by TCG which provides a proven approach for content initiatives agnostic to technology.

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We're really proud of what we have achieved for our clients, big and small.

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