Every day your organisation uses documents to drive revenue and communicate with customers. These documents form part of complex business processes that are important to the operation of your business.

However, today these document-centric activities are costly to change and involve disparate systems. By automating document tasks and delivering targeted communications, your organisation can react quickly to new market opportunities, reduce overheads and become more successful.

Bottomline solutions provide advanced capabilities for streamlining paper-dependant processes and optimising investments in industry-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Our software solution, Transform®, delivers a single, enterprise-class document process automation solution that controls and manages structured, interactive and on-demand document processes allowing documents to be our customers’ competitive advantage. Our secure outsource services offer solutions for those who prefer software as a service.

Cube ™

Cube™ is a technology framework which addresses critical aspects of the lifecycle stages that content goes through.

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Sphere ™

Sphere™ is the best practice content methodology pioneered by TCG which provides a proven approach for content initiatives agnostic to technology.

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We're really proud of what we have achieved for our clients, big and small.

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