Since Invu was founded in 1997, it has focused on delivering electronic document management (eDM) to UK businesses.

Expanding out from its core eDM proposition Invu has grown from servicing SMEs into more mid market firms with workflow and office automation additions to the product set. The core eDM product is a full .NET application and is available in a number of flavours for separate markets.

Invu is focused on maximising efficiencies in day to day working practices. It does so by automating business practices, from content capture, to simple task routing, to full process management through to content transformation. Invu is proven to be effective in many markets with clear ROIs based on saving time, costs and space. Importantly, there are also less tangible benefits to be considered such as enhanced communications, retaining knowledge in the business, standardising processes and ensuring SLAs are met. Today, heightened awareness of environmental issues means creating an environment where paper is used less is more relevant than ever – for everyone.

Invu is a UK based business, working with IT Partners to deliver its solutions to market. The needs of different sectors vary and so do the specialisms of our partners, be they in the accountancy, construction, IFA, legal, manufacturing or elsewhere.

Cube ™

Cube™ is a technology framework which addresses critical aspects of the lifecycle stages that content goes through.

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Sphere ™

Sphere™ is the best practice content methodology pioneered by TCG which provides a proven approach for content initiatives agnostic to technology.

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We're really proud of what we have achieved for our clients, big and small.

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