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Today's corporate leaders know that information is the critical component in an organisations make-up. Being able to truly leverage information and derive value from it will be a key factor in any organisations ability to operate and compete whether it is on a national or global scale.

When we talk about information, we're really talking about data and content. Data being the structured information found within organisations transactional systems such as Finance, HR and Sales and content being the unstructured information found throughout an organisation in forms such as email, video, voice and web.

We’ve never seen before the proliferation of such information in the ways that we do today, whether it is in volume or form, content is the big factor in all of this. From content hungry consumers to content demanding processes to content centric compliance, the list goes on and on.

Those organisations that take hold of "the content opportunity" will see substantial benefit, from improved competitiveness to significant operational efficiency gains, coupled with the reduction of risk through better governance and compliance. Those will be the organisations that lead in today’s information age.

Here at The Content Group, it’s all about content. It’s about how we join up content and data to help our clients realise its true value. It’s about how we understand the 360 degree view of content and can turn that into business advantage. It's about working with our clients to enable them to drive out cost and wastage, get to market faster and be more responsive to customers whilst reducing risk and remaining compliant every step of the way, "it's all about content".

If you’re looking to leverage the true value of information across your organisation, The Content Group can help.

Cube ™

Cube™ is a technology framework which addresses critical aspects of the lifecycle stages that content goes through.

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Sphere ™

Sphere™ is the best practice content methodology pioneered by TCG which provides a proven approach for content initiatives agnostic to technology.

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We're really proud of what we have achieved for our clients, big and small.

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